What to expect

Little by little the further we walk, we enter into a more harmonious, slower pace, where all the noise in our heads quiets down. The surrounding nature provide us with beauty and a sense of returning home. An unconscious longing deeply rooted in our genes, never extinct but most of the time pushed back by other priorities. You could experience an extraordinary feeling of being in peace with yourself and the world.

On nature`s terms
Everything we do is dependent on the nature.
Even with the best of intentions and careful planning, everything might not come out exactly as you expected or as it is written in the itinerary. The beautiful views you were hoping for might not be there because of clouds or fog. You might not be able to catch any fish because the temperature or water level is wrong. A lot of things could happen and I hope you will have a flexible attitude in these matters. What can be guaranteed though, is that you will experience close contact with nature.
Please keep in mind that in these latitudes the weather conditions can show a wide variation. In extreme cases it could be cold, windy and rainy (possibly snow high in the mountains) for the entire period of your stay, even in summer, but it could also be clear skies and temperatures around 30 C.

Everything is of course done with security in mind. We will bring first aid materials with us as well as other equipment that could be necessary depending on the trip such as maps, compass, GPS and a satellite phone.

Hiking trips: don't expect five star hotels or similar. We are going in for close contact with nature far away from the conveniences of civilization and ordinary men. Look at the different packages to see accommodation details of the specific trips.
Other trips: accommodation level depends on your wishes and how much money you are prepared to spend.

Harmony with life
Warwick Fox suggests three different approaches for a better understanding and acceptance of nature.

• Personal Identification
The more flowers and birds you learn to recognize, the more sisters and brothers you will have in our community of life. They will no longer be mere "birds" and "flowers", but more like old friends you know by name. Through the process of identification we expand our circle of consideration.

• Ontological Identification
This is beyond logical reasoning and words. You need a personal experience to understand it. A deep realization of the fact that things are. This is the Zen Way of environmental ethics. To experience anything even resembling an understanding like this you would probably need to hike for days, maybe even a week, and try to do it as alone as possible. One of the reasons we are hiking in small groups.

• Cosmological Identification
The world and everything that is, is seen as aspects of a single unfolding reality. Like a large tree, where we, as one of the leaves, can experience the commonality of every other part of the tree.

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Put aside your everyday obligations and stress, and give yourself the time to reconnect with the world.