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Today's flowers

A short alphabetical list of some of the flowers we might see during our second day of hiking.


Mountain lady's mantle
Andromeda polifolia Bog rosemary
Angelica archangelica Angelica
Anthyllis vulneraria lapponica  
Bartsia alpina Alpine bartsia
Caltha palustris palustris Marsh marigoldl
Campanula rotundifolia gieseckiana  
Cerastium alpinum glabratum Alpine chickweed
Cirsium helenioides Melancholy thistle
Cornus suecica Dwarf cornel
Diapensia lapponica Lapland Diapensia
Epilobium anagallidifolium Pimpernel willowherb
Eriophorum vaginatum Tussock cottongrass
Geranium sylvaticum Wood cranebill
Geum rivale Water Avens
Gnaphalium norvegicum Highland cudweed
Gymnadenia conopsea Fragrant orchid
Lactuta alpina Alpine lettuce
Linnaea borealis Twinflower
Lycopodium annotinum Stiff clubmoss
Melampyrum pratense Cow wheat
Phyllodoce coerulea Mountain heath
Saxifraga stellaris Starry saxifrage
Sedum annuum Annual stonecrop
Sedum rosea Roseroot
Silene dioica Red campion
Solidago virgaurea alpestris Common goldenrod
Valeriana procurrens  
Veronica alpina alpina Alpine speedwell
Viola sp Viola
Viscaria alpina Alpine catchfly

alchemilla_alpina.html andromeda_polifolia.html angelica_archangelica.html anthyllis_vulneraria_lapponica.html bartsia_alpina.html caltha_palustris_palustris.html
campanulaceae_rotundifolia.html cerastium_alpinum_glabratum.html cirsium_helenioides.html cornus-suecica.html diapensia_lapponica.html epilobium_anagallidifolium.html
eriophorum_vaginatum.html geranium_sylvaticum.html geum_rivale.html gnaphalium_norvegicum.html gymnadenia_conopsea.htm lactuta_alpina.html
linnaea_borealis.html lycopodium_annotinum.html melampyrum_patense.html phyllodoce_coerulea.html saxifraga_stellaris.html sedum_annuum.html
sedum_rosea.html silene_dioica.html solidago_virgaurea_alpestr.html valeriana_procurrens.html veronica_alpina_alpina.html viola_sp.html

This is far away from being a comprehensive list. You could see it more as an indication of possibilities, and the type of nature we are walking in. Many of the flowers above you will also see during the coming days, and some of them you already met before. Species will come and go as we continue our hike, but some will remain for the entire trip.

Every year is not exactly the same, and weather conditions during our trip could make the mix of flowers somewhat different.


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• June 29 - July 8
• 10 days
• Places left: 4
• 35000 SEK / person

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