We will spend every night in cabins along the trail. We have to share the cabins with other people and it is not possible to book beds in advance. In worst case we may have to split the group into different rooms, and if all of the beds are already occupied when we arrive, we have to sleep on the floor. But when we hike this trail the cabins have just opened their doors for the summer and the high season is still weeks away, so the chances are good we might get a whole cabin for ourselves. Because we stay in cabins every night there is no need to carry tents, sleeping bags, cooking utensils, etc, and we can enjoy walking with small and light back packs. Outside privies can be found at all cabins but there are no saunas or showers until we reach Staloluokta day eight. Personal hygiene can be taken care of in the lakes and rivers.

Tuoddar Cabins
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