You can choose to fly to Kiruna, Gällivare or Luleå. Someone from Slowlife.se will meet you at the airport and take you by car to Kvikkjokk, the last point of civilization. You can look forward a dinner in the restaurant and a good nights sleep before the hike start next morning.
The length of the car transfer depends on your choice of airport. Gällivare (3 hours), Kiruna or Luleå (4 hours).


A helicopter transfer from Staloluokta to Kvikkjokk, and from there a car transfer back to the airport.


June 29th - July 8th

Price (10 days)

35000 SEK/person

This trip is calculated for 10 days but it is possible to add or take away days if you would wish to. Each day is 3500 SEK/person.
Transportation to and from Sweden is not included in the prices


  • Local transportation
  • 1 helicopter transfer
  • 3 meals a day cooked by your guide
  • 8 nights in wooden cabins
  • 1 night in Kvikkjokk Mountain Lodge
  • English / Japanese speaking local guide available 24h/day.

Convenience, safety and knowledge

There is no need for you to spend time to...
  • check and worry about local transportation
  • check and book accommodation
  • buy and prepare food
  • you don't have to worry about getting lost
  • there is someone who talks the local language
  • there is someone who can take you safely from place to place
  • if something would happen, there is someone to take care of it
And there is someone who can tell you about the local nature, history, culture and religion.

Small groups

  • No more than 4 participants
  • All experiences will become more intimate and personal
  • I can give plenty of attention to each participant
  • Travelling is much more flexible
  • The feeling of silence and solitude is not spoiled by entering the scene with a large group
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