Tarra Valley & Padjelanta National Park

Although this package is geared toward the ones botanically interested, this trip also has other values for those not primarily interested in arctic flora. Anyone can appreciate the silence, sense of space and clean air.

From Kvikkjokk to Staloluokta

We will hike along a well beaten path from the small settlement of Kvikkjokk to the Saami summer camp Staloluokta, and there will be many possibilities along the trail to observe typical flowers of the area. The vegetation will change little by little the further we advance. From a humid coniferous forest type in the beginning, to an arctic, more barren landscape up on the Padjelanta tableland.

Carl von Linné

Carl von Linné was in the area during his Lapland excursion 1732, and he was taken aback by the variety and amount of plants he found. But Linné wasn't the first nor last to consider this area botanically interesting, and in the 1800`s this was The place to visit for botanists.
But let`s return shortly to the master himself.
Let`s read a few thoughts by Linné when he ascended Vallespiken, a mountain close to the recent day Kvikkjokk Mountain Lodge.

My translation:
"When I reached the side of it, I seemed to have been taken to an other world, and when I reached the top of it, I did not know, if I was in Asia or Africa, because both the soil, situation and all the plants were unknown to me. I had come to the mountains. Snow covered mountains stood around me, I walked on snow as if in the middle of winter. All the sweet plants I had seen before and engaged myself in, came here as miniatures"

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