Day 7: Sälka - Singi

Today's stage is short and without any difficulties or laborious parts.

Elevation: -115 m
Distance: 12 km
Google Earth: Sälka - Singi


We'll hike up and down small hills and mountain slopes, cross a number of small streams and have the opportunity to get a glimpse of two large side-valleys to our left, Kaskasavagge and Kuopervagge. We can see some interesting mountain silhouettes in the distance, and maybe get a glimpse of the snow covered peak of Kebnekaise. The alpine nature is with us all the way, but at the end, just before we arrive to the cabins, the trail shortly dip into a willow shrubbery.

When we approach the Singi-cabins, the Saami presence gets noticeable. We can see reindeer fences and huts belonging to the reindeer herdsmen, and the cabins are built close to a Saami village. If lucky, we might be able to see a reindeer round-up, but that depends very much on the weather. It could have happened weeks before, or it could take place around this time. Even the herdsmen can't be sure until right before they decide to do it.

For more information about Singi and today's trail:

Panorama photos




Side trips in the area:
Stuor Jierta
Singi cabins

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