Day 5: Tjäktja - Sälka

Today we'll reach the highest point of this trail when we climb over the Tjäktja-pass and down to the next valley, tjäktjavagge.

Elevation: + 150 m, - 315 m
Distance: 12 km
Google Earth: Tjäktja - Sälka


It would be a grand understatement to say that there are stones on the trail today. After the Tjäktja cabin the ground soon looses its thin layer of soil and all we can see is stones, rocks and boulders. But amazingly enough there are signs of life showing its red petals here and there. Glacial buttercups (Ranunculus glacialis) love to live in environments frowned on by most other plants. Like here among the stones, or high up on the mountains.

After 4 kilometers, on the top of Tjäktja-pass, stands an emergency cabin and an outside privy. Nice view from the pass to north and south along the two valleys. Look at the top picture on this page. The valley is about 300 meters down from the pass and we have to take most of that height right after the pass. It is quite steep.

Down in the valley the trail once more transforms into an Autobahn. Easy to hike and slowly descending, it is a convenient 6 kilometers down to the Sälka cabins.

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Side trips in the area:
Tjäktja pass emergency shelter

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