The King's Trail - What Should You Bring With You?

A list of necessary or othervise useful items to bring with you. As a general rule of thumb, the less you choose to carry, the more pleasent your hike will be. Try to find small and light weight equipment.

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• Mosquito repellant
• Mosquitoe hat
• Sheets
• Walking sticks
• Umbrella

You Should Bring

Travel insurance
Money (cash, credit cards) euro is not accepted in Sweden

Hiking boots or shoes, or anything else you feel comfortable with. Do NOT buy new shoes right before you come! Chafed feet would defenitely ruin your trip.
Comfortable day pack (about 50 liters)
Warm hat (for cold, windy days and to keep you warm when you sleep)
Summer cap, hat or something to protect your head from the sun
Light weight gloves
2 pr. light weight socks (syntethic or silk are good)
1 pr. warm wool or fleece socks
1 pr. synthetic or wool top and bottom long underwear
image 1 fleece top or wool sweater
Windproof jacket
Windproof pants
Rain jacket
Rain pants
Tooth brush
Tooth paste
Hair brush, comb
Other toiletries, if needed
Medicin, if you need any
Camera (don`t forget extra memory cards and batteries).
Travel plug adapter (if you plan to bring with you any electrical equipment that you can connect to the Swedish net, 220V. Electricity will be available only on the first and two last days)

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