The King's Trail - Accommodation

Here you can get a general idea how the accommodation level is going to be during this tour.

1st Night

Abisko Tourist Station

First night we'll stay in Abisko Tourist Station with all the comforts of a modern hotel. From its modest beginning with six rooms in 1902, the whole place has now grown to have 300 beds, a fully licensed restaurant, shop, sauna and leisure and conference facilities. The main building has 75 beds in single and double rooms.

2nd - 7th Night

Sälka cabins, The King's Trail

Basic, small wooden cabins.

Do we get private rooms?
Maybe. We might even get our own cabin, but it all depends on the number of guests. We can't book cabins or rooms in advance, and if all the beds are already occupied when we arrive, we have to sleep on extra mattresses on the floor.

What kind of beds do they have?
It's all two (or three) storied wooden bunks with a complementary mattress and a blanket. We need to carry our own sheets which are provided by SlowLife unless you prefer to bring your own. After a day of hiking these beds will feel very soft and comfortable.

How about toilets and showers?
All the cabins have outside privies and every second place comes with a sauna. One of the cabins even has a shower, a small waterfall.

8th & 9th Night

Kebnekaise Mountain Lodge. The rooms and beds are similar to the ones in the more basic cabins along the trail, but otherwise this place is more like a well equipped hotel with sauna, showers, restaurant, shop and more. A busy, crowded establishment with daily scheduled helicopter flights.

Would you like to have a more detailed look at all the different places we are going to stay in?

Day 1: Abisko Tourist Station
Day 2: Abiskojaure
Day 3: Alesjaure
Day 4: Tjäktja
Day 5 & 6: Sälka
Day 7: Singi
Day 8 & 9: Kebnekaise Mountain Lodge

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