Day 9: Kebnekaise, day trip

To climb the highest peak in Sweden, Kebnekaise, would be the most obvious choice for many, but there are other possibilities too.

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This is the most popular destination in the Swedish mountains for people living south of the arctic circle. The history of Swedish mountaineering is closely connected to Kebnekaise, and the oldest building in this large complex was built more than a 100 years ago. This is very different from what we have come to expect of accommodation and people so far during this trip. Beds don't differ that much from the basic cabins along the rest of the trail, it's the size, crowds and all the service. This is the Ibiza of Swedish outdoors. The older crowd dine in the fully packed restaurant, while the younger crowd makes a mess in the common use areas. Also, you can't expect the kind of personal level of service as you might have gotten used to by now. This is a busy hotel with busy employees in company uniforms.

The aim of most of the people coming here is to make it to the peak. It might be nothing much compared with many other places in the world, but with it's 2111 meters it is the highest peak in Sweden and therefore entitled to some extra attention. But if that's not your cup of tea, there are some other possibilities too, to spend this day.

We could hike up to Tarfala to have a look at the scientific station and glaciers, spend some quality time with the giant's cauldrons if we haven't already, look for flowers or participate in one of the activities offered at the Mountain Station. It is also a perfectly good idea to do nothing. Take a short walk to a place you like, lie down and enjoy!

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Side trips in the area:
Giant's Cauldrons
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