Day 8: Singi - Kebnekaise

Our last leg of hiking.

Elevation: + 120 m, - 175 m,
Distance: 12 km
Google Earth: Singi - Kebnekaise


We are now slowly returning towards the civilization and that could be a basket of mixed feelings. At the same time as it feels good to have accomplished a long hike, it could also give raise to feelings of sadness when we realize that the time is approaching when we have to say farewell to the birds, flowers and mountains. But that is yet only a premonition, and there is still one more day to be hiked.

Until today we have hiked more or less towards south, but now the trail makes a sharp turn left, and the new course is straight east.
To start with, the trail ascends 120 meters. The scenery gets more and more dramatic when we approach a narrow valley. Towering walls on both sides are slowly closing in on us, and when we get to the narrowest part, the mountains on both sides reach their peaks at more than 1700 meters. When everything opens up again, we have a group of high peaks to our left including the highest point in Sweden, the snowcapped peak of Kebnekaise.

From here on the trail is wide and the terrain is more or less flat for a while when we hike alongside the Laddjujohka-river, but towards the end it gets a bit cumbersome with lots of small stones sticking up through the dirt. And then we reach the Kebnekaise Mountain Lodge. Here you can find the kind of basic cabins we have got used to now, but also an a la carte restaurant, a shop, equipment rental, internet, bakery etc. Here you can expect to see people carrying the latest outdoor toys and wear well known brands. Many of the guests are here because of the one all-pervading reason; to make it up to the summit. And why not? If you feel like it we could try it the next day. It is an exciting climb including walking on a glacier and a little bit steeper climbing than we have done so far. And after having successfully climbed the peak, you are entitled to by the T-shirt.

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Side trips in the area:
Giant's Cauldrons
Kebnekaise Mountail Lodge, Tuolpagorni in the background

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