Day 1: The King's Trail | Kiruna - Abisko

Distance: 104 km, car transfer
Google Earth: Abisko - Abiskojaure

A day to calm down. A chance to make short trips around Abisko, have a nice meal in the restaurant and a good nights sleep before the hike.

To arrive at Kiruna airport would be the closest and most convenient choice for you. From there a car transfer will take us to Abisko and the Tourist Station. Abisko is a tiny place not far from the Norwegian border. It has less than 100 people permanently living in the village. You could say that Abisko consists of two parts; Abisko East which is the village, and Abisko Tourist Station a few km to the west. The train between Kiruna and Narvik (Norway) stops at both places.

The area around Abisko is botanically famous. We could make a short walk along the limestone canyon running right below the Tourist Station to see if we can find something interesting.

For more information about Abisko Tourist Station:

Main Page

Main Building

Log Cabins

Side trips in the area:
Limestone Canyon
The road between kiruna and Abisko

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