Day 3: Abiskojaure - Alesjaure

The longest distance in combination with a 300 m steep climb in the beginning makes this the most strenuous stage along this trail.

Elevation: + 300 m
Distance: 20 km
Google Earth: Abiskojaure - Alesjaure


The first two kilometers today are easy to walk on duckboards and flat meadows but we can see the towering peak of Garddenvarri in front of us, waiting for us to reach its slopes and start our climb around it. 300 meters of elevation in one push.
This is the most strenuous part of the whole trail between Abisko and Kebnekaise. Don't forget to fill up your water bottles when you cross the river at the foot of the mountain.

We need to cross the Siellajohka-river running in the gorge between us and Garddenvarri. The trail start a slow ascend about 1 km before the bridge, but then at the other side, that's where the real climb starts. We will soon get above tree level, and enter now higher altitudes with low-growing, bushy willow and dwarf-birch. After we have done with the ascent, we find ourselves on an high altitude meadow with grassy fields and rocks, and high peaks all around us.

The trail now follows the shores of Alisjavri-lake for the remaining 12 kilometers. About halfway thru, we could catch a boat ride to the Alesjaure cabins if we are not in the mood to walk the remaining 7 kilometers. The cabins are visible for hours before we get there.

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Side trips in the area:
Alesjaure lake seen from Garddenvarri.

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