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"The longest journey is the journey within"
There are five more of these specially chosen meditation spots along this trail between Abisko and Kebnekaise. The words of wisdom engraved in the stones are thoughts by the Swedish UN secretary-general, Dag Hammarsköld. He was a religious man and these stones and wooden signs were paid by the church.

We reach this camping area after 4 km. There are outside privies and a shelter with a fireplace. This is the only place where you are aloud to camp between Abisko and Abiskojaure. A unique situation in Sweden where you normally can put up a tent anywhere you want, even in national parks.

Bog Fritillary or Ocellate Bog Fritillary (Boloria eunomia).

It can be difficult to make a pot of tea with a gas stove when it is windy.

Giron, 1551m. Not far away from the Abiskojaure cabins now.

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Side trips in the area:
Suspension bridge right before the Abiskojaure cabins

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