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An alphabetical list of some of the flowers we might see during our first day of hiking. All photos taken on location between Abisko and Abiskojaure.

Lady's mantle
Astragalus frigidus  
Dryas octopetala Mountain avens
Gentianella tenella Alpine milk vetch
Geranium sylvaticum Wood cranebill
Linnaea borealis Twinflower
Rhinanthus serotinus serotinus Late-flowering yellowrattle
Saxifraga cernua Slender gentian
Silene wahlbergella Northern catchfly

This is far away from being a comprehensive list. You could see it more as an indication of possibilities, and the type of nature we are walking in. Many of the flowers above you will also see during the coming days, and some of them you already met before. Species will come and go as we continue our hike, but some will remain for the entire trip.

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Side trips in the area:
Suspension bridge right before the Abiskojaure cabins

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