Day 2: The King's Trail | Abisko - Abiskojaure

Hiking is mostly on easy-to-walk wide trails through white-birch forests along Abiskojåkka-river. The total elevation today is a mere 100 meters.

Elevation: + 100 m
Distance: 15 km
Google Earth: Abisko - Abiskojaure


Today we will enter the trail, with a grand start thru the massive wooden gate into the wilderness. The limestone canyon is right at the beginning, and if we didn't go there already yesterday, we can now take some time to explore it. The trail then loosely follows the river through open white-birch forests, and from time to time there are nice places close to the river to rest or take photos.

At the beginning we pass remainders of an old limestone quarry. We have a nice view from the top of a hill, and if you are interested in flowers you can climb down to the river and keep your eyes open for species along the way. This is also where the first meditation place is built. There are five more along this trail.

About 4 km from Abisko we arrive to a camping ground, the only place except for the Abiskojaure cabins where you are aloud to put up your tent. This makes Abisko Nationalpark unique among the Swedish parks, where you are usually aloud to camp anywhere you like.

When the trail arrives at the Abiskojaure-lake the white-birches occasionally take a few steps back and that leaves us with an open scenery by the lake with high mountains on both sides. Abiskojaure cabins are built on the opposite side, and at the other end of the lake we reach the cabins by crossing a river on a suspension bridge.

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Suspension bridge right before the Abiskojaure cabins

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