Tired of Everyday Obligations and Stress?

Why not throw away all the excess garbage, reformat your mind and reinstall a clean, new system with only the necessary basic functions? To get a simple life, free of complications! If only for a while.

Welcome to Slow Life in Swedish Lapland!
image I would like to invite you to share a slower back to basics way of life and to offer seeds of environmentally friendly thoughts to cultivate back home. I would also like to introduce you to the local nature and culture, which in Swedish Lapland is still mostly spared from heavy exploitation by the tourist industry.

SlowLife.se is to all of you who are looking for new perspectives on life.
To all of you who would like to, if only for a short period of time, change a stressful existence to something more harmonious. A chance to experience a slower pace of life and peace of mind. A more back to basics natural way of living.

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SlowLife.se offer:


• Life in harmony with nature
• Guided tours in national parks and nature reserves
• Sightseeing
• Swedish and Saami culture
• Local food and customs

Special arrangements
In addition to the all-inclusive packages offered, you can also create individual arrangements depending on what you are interested in and what you would like to experience in northern Scandinavia.
It is not necessary for you to contact several companies in order to build a complete Lapland-package to suit your needs. I can take care of all the arrangements and accompany you during your vacation. All in order to assure a safe and high quality experience during the entire time of your stay.

Exclusive Experiences
My goal is to give all the participants a chance to get a personal, intimate experience of the nature, and that is one of the reasons I have limited the maximum number of guests to four persons. You should also expect impeccable, personal service. From the moment we meet at the airport and until you leave Lapland, you will be taken fully care of.
I would like to invite you to experience new intellectual, emotional, and cultural stimulation in a safe part of the world.
Welcome to Swedish Lapland!

SlowLife.se has
• liability insurance
• financial guarantee at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce
• permit to operate in national parks


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Put aside your everyday obligations and stress, and give yourself the time to reconnect with the world.